Broadband Speed Check — What number of Tests Our nation Accomplish?

Most individuals who are doing broadband speed check will see each test they have done will show different results. This is because the internet can run slower at certain times of day than others.

Then, they will ask a common question to me: How many broadband speed check tests we must do?

Before I answer this question, let discuss the next topic at first.

What impact your result


Internet is similar to a motor way or freeway in the city. You cannot expect you can driving to the city within 10 minutes on 8:30am speedtest because it’s peak time for traffic. Same as broadband, in the event that you run the test around 6 pm, then you are hitting a peak time, when many other people are also going to be online and downloading stuff. The quiet period is between 1am to 7am which you are certain to get your absolute best speed.

Test Server Location

Test server location will certainly affect your broadband speed check result as a result of distance. If your home is in London and try to test broadband speed from the next two servers: Liverpool and Oxford, then your derive from Oxford should always faster than Liverpool in many situations, because Liverpool is more far away than Oxford.

Distance from your own exchange

The absolute most crucial factor to affect what speed you are designed for getting is how far your phone line must stretch to calling exchange: the shorter the length, the faster your broadband can be.

Some other broadband users in your house?

Your broadband speed check result will decrease if several people within your household are online at exactly the same time.

Some other tasks on your desktop

How many tasks you’re carrying out online at exactly the same time. You cannot expect you obtain an excellent result when you downloading a video through BT.

Your equipment

Your Phone, Modem or Router’s quality will affect your speed dramatically. My broadband carry on disconnect every 10 minutes for a while until I came across it’s my filter’s problem. So ensure your broadband hardware is healthy.


So, I would like to claim that an individual runs the test more than once. It must be run at a couple of differing times of day to acquire a good selection of speeds. Moreover, it is also essential for a user to understand that their broadband speed check result will not likely be the very best speed their ISP says they could provide.

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