Engage your children with “ChhotaBheemAnd The Blue Mountains”.  See the reasons to watch the film  



The latest OTTs are offering us to watch movies online. Aha OTT is different from other OTTs. It is only exclusive for Telugu movies. In addition to popular movies,the aha ott has also included popular animated films like ChhotaBheem in its library. Telling children about our myths will help them to become more mature in their growth. Their personality development takes place in the right way. But they will not listen if we tell them our myths and legends with books and stories. So by showing them animated films that come with mythology, they can make the morals in those films understandable to children and let them know what is right and what is wrong so that they gain some understanding of society.

Characters: ChhotaBheem, Krishna,

Direction: Rajiv Chilaka

Production Company: Green Gold Animations

Music: Sunil Kaushik


In this context, showing any part of the Bheem series, which is very popular across the country, can not only entertain children but also impart knowledge. ChhotaBheem and the Blue Mountain, the super hit part of the ChhotaBheem series is now available on Aha OTT. Let’s look at the original story and highlights of this movie now.


The story is about, Bheem and his team of friends goes to the high hills, even though they warn them all, they find the shocking fact. What’s in the middle of the mountains yet? What is that secret? What was the truth that shocked Bhim? We should watch it on the screen only.


Highlights film “ChhotaBheem and The Blue Mountain”:

The lead character ChhotaBheem, who is a nine-year-old boy, is the leading role in the film. The director designs the cast as a Superhero, who is always born to help others, and he gives solutions when the problem arises in his native.

The way filming of adventures of Bheem and his friends climbing mountains and finding the truth behind them are excellent.

After Bheem, another lead role in the film is Raju, which appears as the close and best friend of Bheem.

And Jaggu appears as also a friend of Bheem, which spread hilarious comedy in the film.

ChhotaBheem creator Rajeev Chilaka shot this film with Bheem adventures. In the movie, Bhim’s adventures of climbing mountains with his friends are impressive not only to children but also to adults. Little is said about the talent of the director who presented each character wonderfully. Every attempt made by Rajiv to entertain and impart knowledge to the children by taking fantastic stories with epic characters is coming to fruition.

The story, narration, and background music of the film were pillars of the film. Bheem’s adventures will fascinate children. The struggles between good and evil make children aware of right and wrong. Click here to watch cartoon movies online.


Finally:  Bheem and The Blue Mountain is a must-watch film in Aha OTT, where it entertains children while motivating them towards social and moral values.

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