Getting the Most From Your Online Job Postings

You buy a job posting online. Post your ad and wait. Sadly, you receive little to no replies. What happened? The old post and pray method do not work anymore. In order to get the most effective candidates to see your ad and affect it, you’ll need to provide compelling information that will entice a candidate to learn your ad and affect it. Here are a few tips on how best to get the most from your web job postings.

Include key criteria, including location, salary, quality and stability of the company, corporate culture, work environment, and schedule/hours. Architect job postings in the order in which Job Seekers/candidates read a job posting: company name (logo/picture), job title, summary information, requirements, qualifications, benefits, and concerning the company.

Eliminate potential barriers that Job Seekers/candidates indicate are their biggest frustrations: vague job descriptions, inflated requirements or simply pasting in an internal job description and omission of key information in the posted job. Are the breadth of factors that Job Seekers/candidates may deem important: from compensation and location, to work/life balance.

When posting job titles, take advantage of commonly used keywords. Having the right key term will help you to locate candidates who are best suited for your job.

– Start with job location and job category. Use relevant keywords in your job posting site.

– Listed here is a good example of a number of the top 20 most widely used nursing keywords: Nurse; LVN; LPN; Management; CNA; Social Work; Medical; Assistant; RN; Phlebotomist; Nursing; Research; Healthcare; Psychology; Part-Time; Health; Registered Nurse; Nurse Coordinator; Manager; Case Manager.

– Consider that nearly all nursing Job Seekers have created a job search agent within the last year and are receiving job alerts via email at least one time per week.

– Boolean Logic, the language we use to speak to our computers, is a series of commands that combine keywords into meaningful phrases for search engines. Don’t be deterred if a resume hasn’t been updated recently; send a contact to the candidate to gauge interest.

– A confidential resume allows Job Seekers to list their resume online while preventing a recruiter from seeing any personally identifiable information, such as name, email address, etc.

– Many “passive” candidates are employed but are available to the prospect of other opportunities. For this reason, candidates with confidential resumes are sometimes a good target. Working conditions that are viewed to be most important to nursing Job Seekers are: work environment, salary, work schedule, bonuses and raises, nurse-to-patient ratio, paid time off (PTO), company reputation, and healthcare benefits.

– Other popular perks: pleasant work environment, competitive salary, desirable work schedule, and the potential for bonuses and raises.

– Conversely, a negative work environment has: no reward/recognition program, limited/no potential for promotion, and less-than-competitive compensation. Other highly noted reasons for attrition include: too heavy of a workload, and having a schedule that doesn’t assist one’s home life.

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